Spent longer than should be trying to find an eloquent enough published review that could clearly explain my love for this album. But alas, I couldn’t find one that did it justice. So I decided to include a fan review I found from the album’s rating page on Amazon

For better or worse, there aren’t too many emcees that are remotely close in skill level to that of Lupe Fiasco. For better because of his incomparable lyricism that could draw comparisons to what Jay-Z may have been if it weren’t for the drug game. The double entendres, the knack to flip his style at the drop of the dime and unique capability to tell stories all could make Lupe the “Nerd Hova”. But for worse because when someone is that far ahead of the game, it is relatively difficult for the average person to catch up.

While many artists are known to tone down their intellect to sound more Mike Tyson than Michael Eric Dyson for mass consumption, Lupe embraces his gift of gab and releases a lyrical mind titled “Dumb It Down” - which serves as the perfect song to those who think he’s too smart for his own good. 

It’s definitely not something that can be digested in one sitting. Lupe shows off some wicked wordplay while eerily making a reference to the late Pimp C. Efforts like this are just cause to beat your rewind button into submission.
As far as narratives go, there aren’t many who can claim the same space of storytelling superiority as Fiasco. The Cool plays out like a novel filled with short stories that relate to each other in some way, shape or form.

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To commit to love is fundamentally to commit to a life beyond dualism. That’s why love is so sacred in a culture of domination, because it simply begins to erode your dualisms: dualisms of black and white, male and female, right and wrong.

bell hooks, “Agent of Change

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…how I
still, sometimes,
crave understanding. Mary Oliver, from Long Life: Essays And Other Writings (via violentwavesofemotion)

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